The Unlikely Academic Podcast, The Real Graduate School Experience!

S01E22 -- Opening up about Open Science for Grad Students

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Unlikely Academics, the Co-hosts Tommy and Chris interview Ms. Sarah Charles, a Ph.D. Student from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Ms. Charles discusses the utility and benefits of Open Science and preregistering research and studies in the Open Science Framework ( She discusses the origins of scientific review, the epistemological aspects of the evolution of scientific research as well as the applied benefits of openness in addressing the replication problems and the perceived p-hacking scandal in social science research. Ms. Charles offers solutions and insight into how these approaches could be employed to further the role of higher education and science in furthering human knowledge with a focus on consistency, accuracy, and outcomes. She concludes by offering some of her own experiences and insights into the topic. Sarah Charles is a Ph.D. student at Coventry University (UK) in the Brain, Belief, and Behaviour research lab (she is one of my lab mates!). Her doctoral research explores the psychobiology of social bonding. She is also one of the local authorities on Open Science practices at the university